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Judicial Surveys & Reports

Judicial Qualifications Committee Reports

The South Carolina Bar's Judicial Qualifications Committee evaluates all candidates for selection to the South Carolina Supreme Court, South Carolina Court of Appeals, South Carolina Circuit and Family courts and Administrative Law Judges. The reports, produced twice each year, rate judicial candidates based on interviews with lawyers and others. The reports reflect the composite perspective provided by Bar members who are interviewed about each candidate's judicial temperament, character, knowledge of the law and legal skills.

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Judicial Evaluation Surveys

Each year, the South Carolina Bar conducts a Judicial Evaluation Survey of South Carolina judges who have completed all or one-half of their current terms. Judges are evaluated on their legal skills, impartiality, judicial temperament, industry and promptness. Members are asked to evaluate only those judges with whom they have had sufficient professional experience to make an informed evaluation. The Judicial Evaluation Survey is a separate evaluation from the Judicial Qualifications Committee Reports that rate judicial candidates based on interviews with lawyers and others.

Survey results:

The press is notified each year of the survey's results. The latest survey information can also be obtained from News & Press.