SCBar // May 2009 Minutes
May 2009 Minutes

Friday, May 1, 2009 ??" 10:00 a.m.
Conference Call Meeting

Chair: Kathryn Cook DeAngelo, Esq.

Members Present:                         Bar Staff:
Kathryn DeAngelo, Chair              Dana Kurtz, Liaison
Cat Angus
Charles Black
Melody Breeden
Blakely Cahoon
Deborah Cochelin
Frank Dana
Bob Hazel
Anderson Horne
Franchelle Millender
Kyle Parker
Mike Polk
Carole Spainhour
Brian Wade
Eddie Weinberg

I. Welcome and Call to Order
Chairperson DeAngelo welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.

II. Approval of March 27, 2009, Minutes
A motion was made and seconded to approve the March 27, 2009, minutes and was passed by acclamation.

III. ELC Subcommittee Reports
(a) CLE
Ms. Millender reported that the CLE Subcommittee was still looking into the possible co-sponsorship of the South Carolina Medical Association’s August 7, 2009, seminar. Ms. Millender also reported that the Subcommittee was working on a program for the South Carolina Bar Convention in 2010.

The Committee discussed the June 5, 2009, noon luncheon and business meeting and two hour CLE. Mr. Polk was to handle obtaining CLE credit. Mr. Polk reported that he had the materials and was to submit them next week to the Commission on CLE. Leigh Coggiola from the Office of Disciplinary Council was to speak on the topic of ethics, specifically, email risk and liabilities. Ms. DeAngelo was to speak on the topic of client intake, screening and legal representation.

(b) Public Service/Education Subcommittee
Ms. Weinberg reported that the Public Service/Education Subcommittee met on April 23, 2009, in the Bar building. This subcommittee is newly formed by combining the Pro Bono Subcommittee and the Education Subcommittee. (This Subcommittee was temporarily named the Outreach Subcommittee.) Ms. Weinberg is the chair of the subcommittee. The Subcommittee had discussed ways in which they could offer more opportunities for education to public. Ms. Weinberg requested volunteers from the Committee willing to be speakers, asking them to email her topics on which they would be willing to speak.

The Guardian Pro Bono Pilot Project, which began on October 1, 2008, completed its six month period. Ms. Weinberg reported that the Subcommittee would like the project to continue for another six months with the following revisions:

• Any guardianship action needed for an incapacitated person;
• The program run from July 1, 2009 ??" December 31, 2009;
• Screening not to include the purpose for the guardianship;
• Guardianship actions brought by the Columbia office of South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) in Richland, Lexington, Sumter, Lee and Kershaw counties.

Ms. Weinberg moved that the Committee accept the proposed revisions stated above to the Guardian Pro Bono Pilot Project. The motion was seconded and the revisions were approved.

Ms. Weinberg was to forward written materials to Ms. Kurtz for the Board of Governors’ approval for the Guardian Pro Bono Project.

The Subcommittee was to meet on July 22, 2009, at noon, at the Bar. Ms. Weinberg encouraged Committee members to share any thoughts for future projects.

(c) GC
There was no report.

Mitchell Payne forwarded several legislative items to the Committee members but was not available for discussion. Ms. DeAngelo suggested the Legislative Subcommittee schedule a conference call meeting to discuss them in detail.

Carol Spainhour volunteered to join the Legislation Subcommittee.

IV. PET Excel Legislative Spreadsheet ??" Review/Comments
Ms. DeAngelo provided the Committee with the Probate Estate Planning & Trust Section Legislative spreadsheet and gave a brief report.

V. Other Business ??" New and Old
Ms. Millender reminded the Committee to sign-up for the Elder Law Committee FY 2009-2010.

VI. Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.