Consumer Law Section

Section promotes a greater understanding among Bar members and the general public about consumer law issues. The Section publishes a newsletter, sponsors CLE seminars and contributes articles for publication in South Carolina Lawyer. The Section also works with the Department of Consumer Affairs and Legal Services on issues affecting debtor's rights and monitors proposed legislation. Current plans include a full day seminar with the Appleseed Foundation on predatory lending; the preparation and presentation to members of a compendium of consumer law cases on the state and federal level; and preparation of a directory of members.

Consumer Law Section Goals:

Provide volunteers to work with the Bankruptcy Court and the schools to provide much-needed information to the students about credit use and abuse.

Develop relationships with consumer law professors at USC. Coordinate a CLE for the Consumer Law Section and the law professors.

Continue to offer education to the Bar conducting CLE’s at the South Carolina Bar Convention.

Look at consumer law information currently available to the public and determine if there are issues that are not being addressed and if so establish ways of providing education to the public.

Work with the South Carolina Bar as they begin to develop their foreclosure counseling and assistance project and to make the information known to our membership and encourage volunteers.

Section Council

Staff Contact:
Caitlin Watson
(803) 799-6653, ext. 182