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December 17, 2014

Criminal Procedure for South Carolina Practitioners 2012-2014 Cumulative Supplement

by Miller W. Shealy Jr. and Margaret M. Lawton

Already own Criminal Procedure for South Carolina Practitioners?
Then you need only the 2012-2014 Cumulative Supplement. This Supplement includes case law updates through September 1, 2014. The Supplement does have an adhesive backing so that it may be placed inside the back cover of your publication.





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Tax Sales of Real Property and Mobile Homes in South Carolina, Third Edition
by Dean A. Hayes
The third edition discusses two important statute of limitations cases decided in the five years since the last edition and includes new material regarding the forfeited land commission and quiet title actions. It contains multiple sample pleadings to assist in cases where you discover a defendant is in the military, is a minor, is incompetent, is deceased or cannot be located. Each book purchase comes with the entire book on CD, making the text fully keyword searchable. The CD also contains the sample pleadings listed above as well as sample pleadings for an action to set aside a tax sale or obtain tax sale overage and an action to quiet title.

The Master Agreement for Separation and Divorce
by Jay Bultz
This unbelievable resource will help you create a comprehensive agreement on every issue from A to Z in your separation and divorce cases. Organized logically into issues, subjects and topics, the Master Agreement provisions include: separation and support of the parties and an adjustment of marital rights and duties; a parenting plan covering custody, child support and protection issues; division of property; allocation of debts and liabilities; and administrative and housekeeping provisions. Purchase includes both a printed version and the full text on CD.

The Law of Slip and Fall in South Carolina
by Daniel R. Denton
This book provides comprehensive analysis of SC premises liability law applicable to slip-and-fall litigation, along with other areas of law typically involved in such cases. Denton supplements the black-letter law with relevant appellate opinions, plus 13 case notes straight from cases he has litigated. Throughout the book are 11 practice tips, including checklists that can be used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a slip-and-fall case. With sections on duties, foreseeability, standards of care, immunities and limitations on recovery, comparative negligence and assumption of risk, along with a table of 185 cases for easy reference, this book also serves as a primer for personal injury law in general.

A Guide to South Carolina Legal Research and Citation, Third Edition by Paula G. Benson

South Carolina Foreclosure Law Manual, 2014 Supplement
by Susan B. Berkowitz, Janet B. Haigler, Andrew S. Radeker

The Lost Art: An Advocate’s Guide to Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
by Judge Joseph F. Anderson Jr.

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