S.C. Bar Continuing Legal Education Division
February 25, 2015

South Carolina Deposition Handbook
by Thomas C. Nelson
The new Handbook is a concise reference manual regarding numerous aspects of a deposition’s procedure and serves as a go-to resource for lawyers during both depositions and trial. It focuses on deposition procedures pursuant to S.C. state law, although other state and federal jurisdictions are included for guidance if issues seem unsettled in S.C. This Handbook is not intended to give tips on taking effective depositions, but instead it is a tool for knowing the proper deposition procedures. As an added bonus, each book purchase comes with 14 sample forms on CD.

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South Carolina Law of Torts, 2014 Cumulative Supplement
by John S. Nichols and E. Scott Moise
The 2014 Cumulative Supplement provides a survey of cases decided after completion of The South Carolina Law of Torts, Fourth Edition (2011) and includes cases up through the following reporters: South Carolina Reporter Volumes 407-410 and Southeastern (2d) Reporter Volumes 754-764; and unpublished South Carolina district court cases through October 31, 2014.

South Carolina Nonprofit Corporate Practice Manual, Second Edition

by Burnet R. Maybank III, Prof. James R. Burkhard, Jeanne M. Born, Melissa Wheeler Dunlap, Prof. Jaclyn A. Cherry
The Second Edition contains 25 chapters covering virtually every aspect of nonprofit corporate practice in South Carolina. It includes the new Corporate Form in South Carolina, Benefit Corporations, as well as the new constitutional amendment and statutes regarding charitable raffles and gaming. It also addresses new IRS filing requirements for 501(c)(3) corporations. Forty valuable sample forms are included on CD.

A Guide to South Carolina Legal Research and Citation, Third Edition

by Paula G. Benson
This revised Third Edition thoroughly discusses all aspects of legal research unique to South Carolina. It sets out citation forms specific to South Carolina resources and is the manual prescribed in Rule 268 of the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules.

South Carolina Foreclosure Law Manual, 2014 Supplement

by Susan B. Berkowitz, Janet B. Haigler, Andrew S. Radeker

The 2014 Supplement includes updates to Chapter 2 relating to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Servicer’s Requirement, case law updates to Chapter 6 through December 3, 2014 and updates to Chapter 7 through November 3, 2014.


The Lost Art: An Advocate’s Guide to Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
by Judge Joseph F. Anderson Jr.