S.C. Bar Continuing Legal Education Division
October 29, 2014

The South Carolina Guardian ad Litem's Toolkit 
Edited By Jenny R. Stevens

The South Carolina Guardian ad Litem’s Toolkit is a practical, easy-to-use reference for the attorney or lay Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in all private, contested custody cases within the family court. This Toolkit is modeled after the popular SC Family Lawyer’s Toolkit and was designed by and for anyone certified to serve as a GAL in private custody disputes. With 16 individual tabs, 10 sample forms, six checklists/questionnaires, and sample questions for direct and cross examinations, this Toolkit serves as a road map for the busy GAL and/or staff members. Users can easily adopt the templates and procedures found in the  Toolkit for even the most complex custody cases.

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The Law of Slip and Fall in South Carolina
by Daniel R. Denton

This book provides comprehensive analysis of SC premises liability law applicable to slip-and-fall litigation, along with other areas of law typically involved in such cases. Denton supplements the black-letter law with relevant appellate opinions, plus 13 case notes straight from cases he has litigated.
Throughout the book are 11 practice tips, including some checklists that can be used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a slip-and-fall case. With sections on duties, foreseeability, standards of care, immunities and limitations on recovery, comparative negligence and assumption of risk, along with a table of 185 cases for easy reference, this book also serves as a primer for personal injury law in general.

The Master Agreement for Separation and Divorce

by Jay Bultz
This unbelievable resource will help you create a comprehensive agreement on every issue from A to Z in your separation and divorce cases. Organized logically into issues, subjects and topics, the Master Agreement provisions include: separation and support of the parties and an adjustment of marital rights and duties; a parenting plan covering custody, child support and protection issues; division of property; allocation of debts and liabilities; and administrative and housekeeping provisions. Purchase includes both a printed version and the full text on CD.

South Carolina Children’s Law Resource Manual

Kathryn Barton, LBSW
L. Michelle Dhunjishah
William J. Mathias, Ed.D. 
Blanche Q. Richey
Andrea E. White
Principal Editor: Jonathan W. Lounsberry
Contributing Editors: Timothy J.W. Muller and Blanche Q. Richey

This user-friendly manual includes an overview of the history of juvenile justice; an organized, step-by-step explanation of the juvenile justice system and the various court hearings involved; a look at the impact juvenile justice can have on the educational system; a detailed description of the statewide Juvenile Arbitration Program; and an overview of the foster care system authored by the Foster Care Review Board’s Director and General Counsel. Also included is a conversion table (Title 63 to 20), a table of authorities and an index.

Tax Sales of Real Property and Mobile Homes in South Carolina, Third Edition
by Dean A. Hayes

Criminal Procedure for South Carolina Practitioners 2014 Cumulative Supplement
by Miller W. Shealy Jr. and Margaret M. Lawton