Helpful Macintosh Links

Bills itself as "The Ultimate Macintosh Website"

LawStream Law Office Management for Macintosh

Mac Downloads at Softpedia, including drivers, programs, wallpaper, font tools, etc.

The Mac Lawyer
South Carolina lawyer Ben Stevens' blog

Macs Only!
Apple Macintosh news, commentary, reviews and troubleshooting
Law office software list for Macintosh

"Mac tips from the Macintosh Guy"

Mac Tips & Tricks

The Mac Product Experts

Microsoft's Mac pages, home of Virtual PC for Mac, an application that makes it possible for you to access PC-only software, files, networks and devices from your Mac. (If you can't bring yourself to go to a Microsoft page, here's an alternative.)

The MUG Center
The Resource Site for Mac User Groups

Surviving With a Macintosh in a PC World
Written for Macintosh-based lawyers by Peter Cusimano

Thursby Software
Makers of Dave (easy, bi-directional file and printer sharing between Windows and Macintosh computers) and ADmitMac