Mission Statement
Lawyers Helping Lawyers (LHL) provides programs and services to assist members of the legal profession in South Carolina who suffer from problems of substance abuse or depression, which affect their professional and/or personal life. Members of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee comprise a support network of recovering judges and lawyers who assist in carrying the recovery message.
LHL is a program of the South Carolina Bar that assists legal professionals with alcohol and drug problems and/or depression problems, providing referral services, peer support and monitoring services. In addition, LHL sponsors preventative services including educational outreach; mailings and literature distribution; display ads in the various periodicals and media; and presentations to the judiciary, the University of South Carolina School of Law and various Bar groups. LHL also provides sponsorship of and curriculum for continuing legal education programs.
LHL is not a 12-step program; however, it often recommends participation in programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or other recovery programs as major resources for a lawyer's or judge's recovery. LHL is not a treatment program, counseling center, employment agency, legal referral center or employee assistance program; however, all of these services can be accessed through LHL resources and referrals.