Lawyers Helping Lawyers

Don't spend another day suffering from depression or substance abuse! 
A confidential phone call to a member of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Program could be the most important call you will ever make.

All inquiries, questions and conferences are privileged and held in the strictest confidence between the program and the lawyer by 8.3(c) of Rule 407, SCACR.

Free member helpline
Call the Lawyers Helping Lawyers toll free helpline at (866) 545-9590 or contact any of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers committee members directly.

Support for those experiencing illness
The Sustained program provides support for Bar members who are coping with the challenge of illness and the impact it has on their personal and professional lives. Sustained pairs these attorneys with a lawyer who has experienced a similar challenge. If you have been affected by the challenge of illness, or if you are willing to volunteer to help others new to the challenge and share your experience and support, contact Beth Padgett, Assistant Director of Lawyers Helping Lawyers, at (803) 576-3801 or Members willing to become a part of the Sustained Network are assured of confidentially.

Video testimonials
Click here to hear testimonials from Bar members who have been helped with the program as well as encouragement and support from others.

Free counseling services
CorpCare will also provide up to five free hours of intervention counseling for attorneys experiencing emotional or stress-related issues. Lawyers using the service will remain completely anonymous. Bar members may call CorpCare  toll-free at 855-321-4384 to be referred to a counselor in their area 24 hours a day.

Free resources
Living Above the Bar website – The South Carolina Bar's Lawyer Wellness Task Force provides resources for overall wellness and healthy living. The website provides testimonials, articles, recipes, work-out routines, blog posts and much more.

The Lawyers’ Epidemic: Depression, Suicide and Substance Abuse is a new resource written by Stuart Mauney that includes helpful information.

The Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program produced Practicing from the Shadows: Depression and the Legal Profession, which profiles four Texas attorneys and their recovery from depression, and offers support to those who are struggling. 

For information about depression, anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses, as well as for information about treatment and recovery, please visit the website of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Please Participate! 2014 Lawyer Assistance Programs Research Project
The American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation are pleased to announce their collaboration on a groundbreaking research project to survey the current rates of substance use, depression and anxiety among legal professionals in the United States. The South Carolina Bar is participating in this research study. We encourage all members to participate even if you have not experienced any difficulties with substance use, depression or anxiety.
The anonymous, confidential survey is designed to capture current, reliable and credible data on these issues, data which will impart numerous benefits to virtually all sectors of the legal profession. 
Here is the link to complete the survey to participate in the study.
All responses will be anonymous and go directly to the Butler Center for Research which maintains the confidentiality of all data. No identifying information will be asked and all data will be de-identified including IP addresses. 
Any questions should be directed to Dr. Audrey Klein, Principle Investigator. Dr. Klein can be reached at:
Audrey A. Klein, Ph.D.
Butler Center for Research
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
P O Box 11 (BC 4)
Center City, MN 55012-0011
(651) 213-4106
Please help us by completing the survey, it is important information for all of us!

J. Robert  Turnbull Jr., Director
1-866-545-9590 (toll free helpline)
(803) 576-3781 (office)
(803) 603-3807 (cell)

Beth Padgett, Assistant Director
1-866-545-9590 (toll free helpline)
(803) 576-3801 (office)