Attorney III

JOB TITLE: Attorney III                                             
SALARY RANGE: $46,169.00 - $85,417.00 Annually
LOCATION: Richland County, South Carolina                        JOB TYPE: FTE - Full-Time
NORMAL WORK SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday (8:30 - 5:00)
POSTING: Closes May 14, 2014

Under the Program Manager's supervision, serves as a hearing officer in the Division of Appeals and Hearings, presides over Medicaid fair hearings and appeals, and serves as a team player by providing legal guidance and consultation to other hearing officers. Serves as a hearing officer for the Division of Appeals and Hearings and maintains an active caseload.  Conducts hearings, maintains hearing records via digital recording, takes witness testimony and, where possible, swiftly resolves claims.  Researches and analyzes cases for jurisdiction, identifies issues in controversy, and prepares for hearing.  Timely addresses and responds to the parties throughout the appeals process.  Drafts and publishes final administrative orders, which are easily understandable by all parties and factually and legally defensible.  Makes findings of fact and conclusions of law in Orders and ensures that findings of fact support conclusions of law.  Ensures due process is afforded to all parties and that proceedings are held and concluded as expeditiously as possible.  Learns and efficiently utilizes the new case management system. Serves as legal resource and subject matter expert on the law as it applies to A&H hearing officers and Medicaid appeals. Functions as a team player by providing legal advice and guidance to fellow hearing officers as needed and appropriate. Tracks and monitors developments in Medicaid laws, regulations, and policies at the state and national level and attends relevant training.   Potentially serves as a mediator to help resolve disputes and appeals.
A JD from an accredited law school. Must be a member of the South Carolina Bar with at least two (2) years' experience as a practicing attorney. Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license.

Must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.  Must be able to communicate and interact with both unsophisticated and sophisticated parties.  Organizational skills and the ability to make and keep schedules. 
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