Approved Insurance Carriers
The companies listed below:
  • Hold an “excellent” or better rating from AM Best.
  • First-dollar defense is available for professional liability claims.
  • First-dollar defense is available for grievance claims.
  • Risk-rated coverage is accessible for Bar members with a claims history.
For coverage pricing information:
Julie Patterson

South Carolina customer services representative:
Lawrence King
Program Manager:
Andrew A Biggio

Senior Account Representative:
Stephen J Ross Jr.


  • A web-friendly application process is available.
  • Contact with a live representative is available.
  • A quote can be provided within 2 business days on a completed application.
  • Credit card payments are accepted.
  • Reductions for fast claim resolution are available.
  • Discounts/incentives for risk management are available.
  • A discounted or free tail policy for retirement is available, where continuation coverage is not provided by a firm.
  • A policy with minimum limits of $100,000/$300,000 for new lawyers is available.
  • A debt collection coverage option is available.
  • An option for title insurance agencies is available.
  • An option for firms with 1-6 attorneys is available.
  • A cyber coverage option is available.

Your experiences are important to the ongoing evaluation of our Preferred Insurance Providers. The Professional Liability Committee, comprised of volunteer Bar members, will consider your comments in their decisions regarding these Companies.  If you have an experience, positive or negative, that you would like to share with the Committee, please e-mail Jill Rothstein, staff liaison.