Case of the Month
Each month, when the Court is in session, a case which is to be argued before the Supreme Court will be highlighted.  Materials available on-line will include a summary of the case, links to the briefs and the Court of Appeals decision (if applicable), and an audio/video recording of the oral argument.  Educators can sign up to receive e-mail notification when the Court issues its decision in a particular case.  Through this program, the Court hopes to introduce students to the appellate process, to a variety of legal issues confronting the Court today, and to legal research.
Class Action Program
South Carolina Supreme Court, Betsy Goodale (803) 734-1160
This program, offered by the South Carolina Supreme Court twice a month from September through June, is designed to bring middle school and high school students to the Supreme Court to hear oral argument.  Afterwards, the Justices meet with the students for approximately 30 minutes to talk about law-related issues of interest and to answer questions.   Briefs, case summaries and other information about the Court are sent to the students prior to their visit.  Contact Betsy Goodale at (803) 734-1160 or at for more information or to schedule a visit.
South Carolina Bar Law Related Education Division
(803) 252-5139 is a free website available to South Carolina youth that explains juvenile laws in a manner that can be read quickly and understood easily.  There are quizzes, interactive games, cartoons, comics, law documents, searchable sections on South Carolina law and how it affects young people, as well as links for other law related education websites and websites for research and homework assistance.  Perhaps most important to youth who visit are the interactive forums in which young people may ask questions about the law and receive correct, factual information from volunteer lawyers.  So often educating about the law is not only informative as to the actual content of the law, but also dispelling the myths that have become commonplace in society.
Law For Teachers
South Carolina Bar Law Related Education Division
(803) 252-5139
Law for Teachers is a program designed to give teachers an informative and practical guide to the legal issues they face every day in the classroom.  The creation of this unique training was derived from multiple requests submitted by teachers at other law related education trainings in favor of this very training that did not exist for teachers at the time. Teachers were interested in how the laws applied to them specifically in their profession in every aspect. 
Teen Law 101
South Carolina Bar Law Related Education Division
(803) 252-5139
Teenagers are faced with many decisions and sometimes have to make choices that are difficult. Because they may feel pressure from their friends or others to do certain things, they make a decision to do something that could be against the law. Share this guide with teenagers so that they may learn more about South Carolina laws so that they can make informed decisions and stay out of trouble.  Topics include: laws, crimes, criminal sexual conduct, weapons and guns, alcohol and tobacco, drugs, driving laws, school laws, additional laws, and working.
General Reference Resources
National Constitution Center (lesson plans on using the Constitution)