The Street Law curriculum is on the South Carolina textbook adopted list, so the books are available at local book depositories, and is correlated to South Carolina social studies state standards.

The teacher's manual enables social studies teachers (with the assistance of legal resource persons from the community) to tackle some of the difficult legal issues covered in the Street Law course. Today, approximately 90 percent of the Street Law classes in the United States are taught primarily by high school social studies teachers, so a background in law is not necessary for the interested teacher.

The teacher's manual contains instructional objectives, additional legal text, answers to all problems found in the student text, additional activities and student projects, mock trials and recommended multimedia resources.

The test bank includes materials on authentic assessment along with useful rubrics for some of the interactive strategies in the text. Computerized testing is available on Macintosh and Windows diskettes.

Many of the charts and figures from the text have been reproduced as transparencies and blackline masters and packaged in a three-ring binder. Additional transparencies and materials were created to give specific directions for selected interactive teaching ­strategies.

A student workbook provides opportunities to become familiar with new vocabulary and to review and apply concepts. (Answers are in the teacher's ­manual.)

The Street Law Student Scenes Video contains open-ended vignettes depicting what the creators, high school students from Austin, TX, believe are some of the most compelling topics taught in the course. The students, working with young lawyers and drama and law teachers, wrote the scenes and acted them out. Lesson plans accompany this video. In partnership with CNN, West Educational Publishing and Street Law, Inc. developed an annual CNN Law-Related Education Video Update with lesson plans.

Street Law: A Course in Practical Law (Seventh Edition, 2005) is available in hard and soft cover versions.