Mock Trial Training Dates

This Mock Trial training demonstrates how to implement the Mock Trial program for middle and high school students.  The LRE Division continues to build the Mock Trial program with each new year and strives to excite young students through their participation in a simulated trial.  This training was established to give teachers a better understanding of how to participate in the Mock Trial competition in an attempt to remove any barriers keeping a school from participating.  This training can be attended in person on the scheduled training dates, or be accesseed from a computer (brokern into 10 separate segments) any time of the year.  New Attorney Coaches are welcome to attend this training as well. 

Training Dates and Location: (FREE)
September 11,2014           Columbia     Click Here to register for the live training
Anytime                                 Webinar        Click Here to register for the Webinar
Mock Trial Skills Workshop - September 20, 2014 - Columbia
The South Carolina Bar’s Law Related Education Division is sponsoring a Mock Trial Skills Workshop to be held on Saturday, September 20, 2014, for middle and high school students to attend separately.  This year’s workshop  includes general sessions for all students and breakout sessions specific for middle school and high school students.  Students will have an opportunity to work with affidavits; role play; analyze video segments; examine rules of evidence; learn courtroom layout and etiquette, making and handling objections; review openings, closings, directs and crosses; and get Mock Trial tips.  Most importantly, students will gain Mock Trial experience and skills in a fun learning environment.   Click here for more information and to apply!
Webinar Available
LRE offers continuous access to the Mock Trial Webinar Training for new teachers and attorney coaches!  This web video training is broken into eleven (11) sections of varying lengths, with handouts for each section.  Click here for the online registration and anytime access!
Teacher and attorney coaches can have access to all 11 of the Mock Trial Training videos for the following topics:
  • The Basics (11:08)
  • Team Composition and Roles (19:57)
  • Time Limits and Timekeeping (10:54)
  • Judging and Scoring (30:00)
  • Preparing for Competition Day (27:56)
  • Trial Presentation (44:29)
  • Objections, Hearsay, and Impeachment (19:05) 
  • Dispute Settlement (9:35) 
  • Random Pairing and Powermatching (15:50)
  • New Teacher Coach Basics (45:18)
  • Completing Forms: (32:47)
    • School Information Sheet
    • Code of Ethical Conduct Form
    • Team Roster Form
    • Practice Scoresheet
To request more information or to register for a training, please see the 2015 Training Catalog, or contact the LRE Division at 803-252-5139 or email