2012 MSMT Case Summary
2012 Civil Case: Jess McGee v. Kasey Moore
This is a negligence action that arises out of an automobile accident that resulted in the death of Pete the bull, a prized bull owned by Plaintiff Jess McGee.   On the morning of March 23, 2011, Pete got loose from his pasture and wandered on to State Road 377.   At around the same time, Defendant Kasey Moore was driving a minivan on the same road.  Kasey crested a hill and saw a vehicle stopped in front of him that was being operated by Mel Hinnant.  Unable to stop in time, Kasey struck the rear of Mel’s vehicle. Mel alleges that this impact forced his/her vehicle into Pete the bull, breaking all of Pete’s legs. Kasey alleges that Mel struck the bull before Kasey ran into the back of Mel’s vehicle. 
Jess McGee is suing Kasey for the loss of Pete the bull. Kasey denies negligence, claims that the accident was unavoidable, and is suing Jess for the damage caused to Kasey’s car.   Kasey claims that Jess was negligent in allowing his bull to escape from his pasture.