Law For Teachers

Law for Teachers is a program designed to give teachers an informative and practical guide to the legal issues they face every day in the classroom.  The creation of this unique training was derived from multiple requests submitted by teachers at other law related education trainings in favor of this very training that did not exist for teachers at the time. Teachers were interested in how the laws applied to them specifically in their profession in every aspect. 

Understanding the law that applies to teachers covers many important components that apply to teachers of all disciplines. Beyond providing ample information to teachers, the best part about the training is that the presenters present on all subjects in a manner that a lay person can understand.  And, the discussions are not specific to any region of the state, but are based on state laws as a whole.  Another great feature incorporated into the trainings is that the information includes updates to the laws.  

Subject content of the online webinars includes discussions on:

  •      Legal foundations;
  •      Teacher contracts and due process rights;
  •      Disciplinary action on educator certificates;
  •      Tort liability;
  •      Harassment;
  •      Title IV:
  •      Copyright issues (print, electronic, video and music);
  •      First Amendment issues;
  •      FERPA;
  •      Privacy Issues;
  •      PPRA;
  •      General education laws;
  •      Student discipline;
  •      Special Education; and
  •      Special Education discipline.
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To request more information or to register for a training, please see the 2015 Training Catalog, or contact the LRE Division at 803-252-5139 or email