Judges Information


Battle of the Carolinas Middle School Mock Trial Competition
March 28-29, 2014
Conway, South Carolina

If you are an experienced judge in your state, please note that there are a few differences in this new competition to merge both the North Carolina and South Carolina programs together.  The great news is that if you judged the Middle School Mock Trial program in your state, the case and the bench brief are the same.  Please check out the following links to assist in your preparation:

All Judges:
Differences for Each State Competing/Judging
in the Battle of the Carolians Competition

Case Materials




Bench Brief

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BOC - Competition Rules
(Different than Individual State Rules)

BOC - Modified Rules of Evidence

Penalty Form - Rules Violation

Penalty Form - Creation of Material Fact
Penalty Form - Time Violations


Judges Speed Entry Pass into Competition Venue


Location of Competition Venue

Directions Link
Location of Hotel
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Directions to Hotel from Competition Venue
Hotel Directions

Directions to Competition Venue from Hotel              

Comeptition Directions
Presiding Judges:

Checklist for Each Round used by Presiding Judges


Tip Sheet for Presiding Judges 

Scoring Judges:
Tip Sheet for Scoring Judges
Copy of practice Scoresheet Teams will provide scoring judges with names of students filled in at beginning of each round PDF


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