August 2009 Minutes

Children’s Law Committee Meeting
August 21, 2009 ??" 12:00 noon
Community Connection Center
SC Department of Juvenile Justice
4900 Broad River Road
Columbia, South Carolina


Members Present:                          Bar Staff:
Michelle Dhunjishah, Chair          Dana Kurtz
Amanda Adler
Cherie Barton                                  Guests:
Anthony Catone                               Therese Brown
Trey Cockrell                                    Loretta Neal
Rosalee Davis                                Marlene Sallo
Gale DuBose                                  Julie Rau for Ray Godwin
Bea Hightower                                Holly Walker
Elizabeth Hill
Bonnie Loomis
Nancy McCormick
Serena McDaniel
Ivory Narcisse
Virginia Ravenel
Sarah Smith
Larry Vanderbilt
Tana Vanderbilt
Judith Whiting
Shannon Whiley


I. Call to Order and Introductions
Chairperson Dhunjishah welcomed everyone and asked all to introduce themselves.

Mr. Vanderbilt welcomed everyone to DJJ and gave a brief overview of the Community Connection Center.

The meeting was called to order.

II. Approval of May 8, 2009 Minutes
Ms. Dhunjishah asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the May 8, 2009, meeting. Ms. McDaniel moved approval, Ms. Hightower seconded the motion, and the minutes were passed by acclamation.

III. Old Business
Bar Convention Seminar ??" Saturday, January 23, 2010, at 8:30 a.m.
Ms. Dhunjishah provided the Committee with the outline of the Children’s Law
Committee’s upcoming presentation entitled “Child Welfare in South Carolina: Problems, Progress and Promises to Keep.” The presentation was to be given at the Annual Bar Convention on January 23, 2010.

Topics and speakers:
• Best Legal Practices in DSS Abuse and Neglect Cases ??" Hon. Jerry D. Vinson
• Who’s Your Daddy? The Responsible Father Registry and Other Legislative Developments ??" James Fletcher Thompson and Ms. Dhunjishah
• Embryo Adoption ??" The Future is Now ??" Ms. Barton and Dale Dove
• Perspectives on Juvenile Competency to Stand Trial ??" Ms. Smith and Ms. Vanderbilt
• From the Schoolhouse to the Jailhouse ??" Victoria Middleton and Susan King Drum
• Children’s Law Center: Disturbing Schools Initiative ??" Harry W. Davis

IV. New Business
A. Goals FY2009-2010
After much discussion the Committee proposed the following topics be incorporated into the goals FY2009-2010:

1. Legislative initiatives
• Continue efforts for the passage of the Disturbing Schools Statutes bill
• Support legislative changes that will assist foster children to obtain driver’s licenses and insurance.
• Monitor legislation dealing with children’s issues.

2. Public education
• Support the Bar’s efforts to education the public regarding children’s issues.
• Encourage Committee members to participate in the Bar’s Ask-A-Lawyer.
• Encourage Committee members to participate in regional and statewide Mock Trial Competitions.
• Continue to distribute the Child Protective Service Cards and further expand distribution of children’s law issues to the public.
• Coordinate efforts with The Children’s Law Center.
• Continue work on the Non-Custodial Parent Rights in South Carolina education.
• Explore avenues to distribute information to foster children with regard to rehabilitation.
3. Legal education
• Present a full-day seminar at the 2010 Bar Convention.
• Plan a seminar for the 2011 Bar Convention, possibly co-sponsoring with the Family Law Section.

Ms. Kurtz was to work with Ms. Dhunjishah to finalize the goals. The goals were to be distributed to the Committee via e-mail for a vote before the September 1, 2009, deadline.

B. Set future meeting dates
The following dates were set for upcoming meetings:
October 2, 2009, November 13, 2009, and December 11. 2009. The location of the meetings was to be determined.

V. Adjournment and Tour
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.