House of Delegates
The House of Delegates establishes policy for the Bar. It meets at least twice a year and includes delegates from each judicial circuit. Between House meetings, the Board of Governors may act on matters not inconsistent with House policy.

William K. Witherspoon, Columbia

Immediate Past Chair
Anne S. Ellefson, Greenville

Past Presidents
Kenneth C. Anthony Jr., Spartanburg
Saunders M. Bridges, Florence
F. Earl Ellis Jr., Columbia
Elaine H. Fowler, Charleston
David L. Freeman, Greenville
Elizabeth Van Doren Gray, Columbia
Wm. Douglas Gray, Anderson
John A. Hagins Jr., Greenville
Wm. Brantley Harvey Jr., Beaufort
Knox L. Haynsworth Jr., Greenville
Harold W. Jacobs, Charleston
Jacob H. Jennings, Bishopville
I.S. Leevy Johnson, Columbia
John E. Johnston, Greenville
D. Michael Kelly, Columbia
Howard P. King, Sumter
Lanneau Wm. Lambert Jr., Columbia
Wade H. Logan III, Mt. Pleasant
Angus H. Macaulay, Columbia
John O. McDougall, Columbia
Julius W. McKay, Columbia
David A. Merline Sr., Greenville
G. Dewey Oxner Jr., Greenville
James C. Parham Jr., Greenville
William L. Pope, Columbia
A. Marvin Quattlebaum Jr., Greenville
Richard S. Rosen, Charleston
Henry B. Smythe Jr., Charleston
Carl L. Solomon, Columbia
Fred W. Suggs Jr., Greenville
Thomas S. Tisdale Jr., Charleston
Flo Lester Vinson, Florence
Bradish J. Waring, Charleston
Daniel B. White, Greenville
J. Rutledge Young Jr., Charleston

First Judicial Circuit (2)
Randall L. Charpia, Summerville
Robert Douglas Robbins, Summerville

Second Judicial Circuit (2)
Mary T. Campbell, Aiken
Paul K. Simons Jr., Aiken

Third Judicial Circuit (2)
John C. Land III, Manning
John R. Moorman, Sumter

Fourth Judicial Circuit (2)
Douglas Jennings Jr., Bennettsville
Elizabeth Biggerstaff York, Hartsville

Fifth Judicial Circuit (30)
John Rhodes Bailey, Columbia
A. Parker Barnes III, Columbia
Susan B. Berkowitz, Columbia
J. Steedley Bogan, Columbia
George B. Cauthen, Columbia
Amie L. Clifford, Columbia
Leslie A. Cotter Jr., Columbia
John D. Elliott, Columbia
Robert Fredrick Goings, Columbia
Harry L. Goldberg, Columbia
Thomas R. Gottshall, Columbia
Daryl G. Hawkins, Columbia
Daniel Edward Johnson, Columbia
Catherine H. Kennedy, Columbia
Francis B.B. Knowlton, Columbia
Christopher R. Koon, Columbia
James Grant Long III, Columbia
John Lucius McCants, Columbia
Joseph M. McCulloch Jr., Columbia
Stephanie Anne Nye, Columbia
Cynthia Hall Ouzts, Columbia
Alice W.W. Parham, Columbia
Robert Lawrence Reibold, Columbia
Pamela Jane Roberts, Columbia
David M. Ross, Columbia
Lana H. Sims Jr., Columbia
J. Hagood Tighe, Columbia
Robert E. Tyson Jr., Columbia
Richard Giles Whiting, Columbia
Mitchell Willoughby, Columbia

Sixth Judicial Circuit (1)
Christopher D. Taylor, Chester

Seventh Judicial Circuit (5)
Reginald L. Foster, Spartanburg
Wes A. Kissinger, Spartanburg
Elinor V. Lister, Spartanburg
J. Edwin McDonnell, Spartanburg
William O. Pressley Jr., Spartanburg

Eighth Judicial Circuit (2)
George P. Callison Jr., Greenwood
James G. Padgett III, Greenwood

Ninth Judicial Circuit (20)
Nicholas J. Clekis, Charleston
Rhett C. Dunaway, Charleston
Michele Patrao Forsythe, Charleston
Debra J. Gammons, Charleston
C. Allen Gibson Jr., Charleston
W. Andrew Gowder Jr., Charleston
Patricia A. Kennedy, Charleston
Trent M. Kernodle, James Island
Jennifer Blanchard McCoy, Charleston
Joseph S. Mendelsohn, Charleston
C. Tyson Nettles, Charleston
Edward K. Pritchard III, Charleston
Marie-Louise Ramsdale, Mt. Pleasant
Sally H. Rhoad, Moncks Corner
John Edward Robinson, Charleston
Martha Kent Runey, Charleston
Richard M. Unger, Charleston
R. Bruce Wallace, Charleston
Elizabeth H. Warner, Moncks Corner
David Whitten Wolf, Charleston

Tenth Judicial Circuit (3)
Timothy M. Bradley, Anderson
Daniel L. Draisen, Anderson
Caroline E. Waldrep, Anderson

Eleventh Judicial Circuit (4)
J. Leeds Barroll IV, Columbia
James Edward Bradley, W. Columbia
Reginald Patrick Corley, Columbia
Lisa Lee Smith, Lexington

Twelfth Judicial Circuit (3)
Gena Phillips Ervin, Florence
Susan J. Firimonte, Florence
Edward A. Love, Florence

Thirteenth Judicial Circuit (15)
Jason James Andrighetti, Greenville
Robert Scott Dover, Pickens
Allen O. Fretwell, Greenville
Jack D. Griffeth, Greenville
Charles M. Groves, Greenville
Jason Chad Halliburton, Greenville
David W. Hartman, Greenville
Russell Thomas Infinger, Greenville
Meliah Bowers Jefferson, Greenville
Charles Stuart Mauney, Greenville
Kirby Rakes Mitchell, Greenville
Ross Buchanan Plyler, Greenville
S. Venus Poe, Simpsonville
Reid T. Sherard, Greenville
William Marvin Wilson III, Greenville

Fourteenth Judicial Circuit (5)
William B. Harvey III, Beaufort
Tameaka A. Legette, Hampton
J. Reaves McLeod, Walterboro
Mary Elizabeth Sharp, Beaufort
David L. Tedder, Beaufort

Fifteenth Judicial Circuit (6)
Donna Earls Elder, Conway
Kenneth S. Generette, Conway
Daniel J. MacDonald, Myrtle Beach
Randall K. Mullins, N. Myrtle Beach
Robert S. Shelton, Myrtle Beach
Hal M. Strange, Georgetown

Sixteenth Judicial Circuit (3)
Daniel Joseph Ballou, Rock Hill
Stephen M. Cox, Rock Hill
Harold C. Staley Jr., Rock Hill

Out of State Delegates
Brook Bowers Andrews, Washington, DC
Elizabeth G. Howard, Atlanta, GA

ABA State Bar Delegates
Rosalyn W. Frierson, Columbia
Fred W. Suggs Jr., Greenville
Daniel B. White, Greenville

ABA State Delegate
I.S. Leevy Johnson, Columbia

Law School Deans
Andrew Louis Abrams, Charleston
Robert M. Wilcox, Columbia 

Section Delegates
Construction Law
A. Bright Ariail, Charleston

Consumer Law
John J. Hearn, Columbia

Corporate, Banking and Securities Law
Brian Price, Greenville

Criminal Law
Jennifer Kneece Shealy, Charleston

Dispute Resolution
Saunders M. Bridges Jr., Florence

Employment and Labor Law
David E. Rothstein, Greenville

Environment and Natural Resources
Kelly D.H. Lowry, Spartanburg

Family Law
Ashlin B. Potterfield, Columbia

Government Law
A. “Sandy” Cruickshanks IV, Clinton

Health Care Law
Charles M. Jordan Jr., Charleston

Military and Veterans’ Law
Richard L. Donaldson, Columbia

Probate, Estate Planning and Trust
Catherine Kennedy, Columbia

Real Estate Practices
Paul W. Dillingham, Rock Hill

Solo and Small Firm Practitioners
John S. Nichols, Columbia

Tax Law
Shawn M. Flanagan, Charleston

Torts and Insurance Practices
James L. Ward Jr., Mt. Pleasant

Trial and Appellate Advocacy
Prentiss Counts Shealey, Columbia

Workers’ Compensation
Steven Goldberg, Summerville

Senior Lawyers Division
Rudolph C. Barnes Jr., Little Mountain
Michael D. Glenn, Anderson

Young Lawyers Division
William R. Johnson, Columbia

Note: The members of the Board of Governors are also members of the House of Delegates.