Automobile Issues
Consumer rights in auto repossessions  Updated 8/2014
Automobile warranties Updated 9/2014
Lemon Laws Updated 8/2014
Dealing with automobile dealerships Updated 9/2014
Extended automobile warranties Updated 9/2014

Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 bankruptcy
Consumers' rights in business bankruptcy

Possible Benefits
South Carolina property tax for senior citizens
Social Security
Your rights under the SC Workers' compensation Act
Unemployment compensation

Common Client Questions
My lawyer will not respond to my letters or my phone calls. What should I do?
I fired my lawyer and the lawyer won't give my file back. What should I do?
My lawyer wants to settle, I don't. Can my lawyer withdraw if I don't settle?
Can you tell me if there have been complaints against my lawyer?
My accident happened a long time ago. Can I still bring a claim for damages?

Consumer, Credit and Business Law
Incorporating a business
Setting up an unincorporated business
Credit cards and charge accounts Updated 8/2014
Equal Credit Opportunity Act Updated 8/2014
Consumers' right to cancel door-to-door sales contracts Updated 9/2014
Buying and selling real estate
Life insurance Updated 8/2014
South Carolina Bad Check Law Updated 9/2014

For additional information on consumer issues or to file a consumer complaint against a business, contact the S.C. Department of Consumer Affairs.

Criminal Law
Magistrates and municipal rights of defendants
Juvenile Criminal Courts
Your rights upon arrest

End of Life Issues
Advance Care Planning
Why you need a will
Taxes at death Updated 9/2014

Family Law
Divorce Updated 9/2014
Legal Separation  Updated 9/2014
Property rights in divorce  Updated 9/2014
Custody of minor children resulting from divorce or separation
Support of minor children after divorce or separation
Visitation after divorce or separation
Domestic violence
Grandparent Rights Updated 12/2014

Landlords, Tenants and Leases
Leases Updated 9/2014
Rights and duties of tenant
Magistrates Landlord/tenant court
Rights and duties of landlord

Lawyers, Legal Assistance and the Courts
Choosing a Lawyer
Attorney fees
Filing a grievance against an attorney
Legal Aid services in South Carolina
Public defender services in South Carolina
Voting Rights Act
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Conflict Resolution
South Carolina municipal courts
Finding the appropriate magistrate
Magistrates Small Claims Court
Circuit Courts