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(This form is for lawyers only. If you need legal assistance, please call LATIS at 1-888-346-5592.)

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Volunteer Successes
Community service is the backbone of a flourishing society. The South Carolina Bar Pro Bono Program affords lawyers an excellent opportunity to assist those who need legal assistance but cannot afford it. There are many ways to help:

• Case Referral
• Legal Clinics
• Ask-A-Lawyer
• Law School for Non-Lawyers
• Co-Counsel
• Recruiting/Mentoring
• Legal Assistance for Military Personnel
• Mediation/Arbitration

The Bar's Pro Bono Program can also assist you in the following ways:

Malpractice insurance
Pro Bono lawyers who take case referrals, serve as LAMP volunteers, participate in Ask-A-Lawyer and lead free legal clinics are automatically covered on every Pro Bono case accepted! Lawyers who do pro bono legal work on their own, or who are appointed pursuant to Rule 608, are also covered by malpractice insurance through the Pro Bono Program. To initiate this coverage, complete the Pro Bono Intake form (see link above) and fax it to Rose Dean at 803-799-5290. You must submit the form to Ms. Dean before commencing work on the client's case.

Law students
Law students are available for legal research for pro bono lawyers. Also, the University of South Carolina School of Law Pro Bono Program has a language bank available to assist you with your non-English speaking pro bono clients. If you need assistance, contact Pamela Robinson at 803-777-3405 or

Reduced rates on CLEs/CLE discount certificates!
Each pro bono lawyer receives reduced rates on Legal Services-sponsored CLEs, and CLE discount certificates are awarded to volunteers who report 25 or more hours of service yearly!

Not only does the Family Law Section of the Bar have a mentor program to provide assistance on domestic cases, the Pro Bono Program also has a list of lawyers who have agreed to serve as mentors in various other types of cases. Please call Rose Dean at 803-799-4015 or 800-395-3425.

Trial experience
Don't wait any longer for your first client! You can start to sharpen your trial techniques today!

Miscellaneous assistance
Each Legal Services office has a law library available to you! In addition, the South Carolina Appleseed Justice Center has developed two helpful manuals covering Medicaid and consumer practice (available for purchase).

Volunteer successes
The Pro Bono Program is very proud of the work done by its volunteers. The volunteers represent the low income community and give a voice to those who do not have the power to speak for themselves. If you would like to share any of your success stories as a pro bono volunteer, please complete and submit this form.

Legal Services is unable to provide all low income people with lawyers. Through Pro Bono, you help to close the gap between the need for these services and the lack of resources. To register for the Pro Bono Program, click on the easy-to-complete online Pro Bono Intake Signup form link above or call Cindy Coker at 803-799-4015 or 800-395-3425, ext. 142.