Sample Forms

Court Forms

South Carolina Judicial Department Forms
This link takes you to a page where you can search for forms by court type, by topic, and by form ID. If you need to know how a caption should look for a particular court, or are searching for the "magic words" to use, this site can help. At this time, the majority of the forms are for family, probate and magistrate's court. Forms are available in either PDF or Word format. There are sample motions, orders, notices, petitions, and more. New lawyers can find the Certificate of Trial Experience form here.

Manual to Assist Attorneys Appointed by the SC Supreme Court

United States District Court for District of South Carolina Forms
Extensive list of PDF forms, from ADR Statement to Writ of Execution. Most forms can be edited and printed.

United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit Forms
You will have to click on "Forms and Notices" in the left-hand frame to access these PDF forms. All forms may be completed in PDF and printed or saved.

United States Bankruptcy Court District of South Carolina Forms
Lots of forms and handouts, many of which may be edited in PDF and printed.
Don't forget to look online for your county court forms. Links to all the county court Clerk of Court Web sites may be found at:

Practice Management Forms & Sample Letters

Billing & Fee Agreements

Contingent Fee Agreement
Hourly Fee Agreement 
Invoice and Statement Letter


 Closing a Practice
Agreement to Close Law Practice
Closing Your Office - Letter notifying client of

Client Engagement Letters

Checklist for Engagement Letter 
Client Engagement Letter 
Engagement Letter - new matter
Engagement Agreement Checklist
New Client Engagement Letter 
Prospective Client - Letter confirming meeting with


File and Work Management Forms
Authorization for Transfer of Client File
Conflict of Interest - Types of names to track
Conflict of Interest Search Form  
Document Removal Form - To check out items in file
File Activity Sheet  
File Closing - Letter notifying client of
Master Docket Sheet  
New File Data Form  

Client Intake Forms & Surveys
Client Intake Sheet 
Client Questionnaire (post-representation)
Client Questionnaire 2 (satisfaction survey)
Criminal Case - Intake Form
Domestic Case - Client Information Form
Injury - form collecting info regarding
Survey to Client

Partnership Agreements
Associate Attorney Employment Agreement 
Of Counsel Agreement 
Office Sharing Agreement  

Client Nonengagement Letters

Disengagement Letter to Client 
Firing Client (version 1)
Firing Client (version 2)
Non-Engagement Letter to client 


Miscellaneous Forms/Letters

Court Appearance or Hearing - Letter notifying client
Directive to Bank - reporting NSF (1)
Directive to Bank - reporting NSF (2)
Dismissing former law firm - Letter from client
Initial Appointment, letter confirming  
Status Letter to Client