Statement of Purpose
Ethics Advisory Committee Statement of Purpose:
The Ethics Advisory Committee renders opinions exclusively to members of the South Carolina Bar concerning ethical issues raised by the contemplated conduct of the requesting member. These opinions are advisory in nature only and are not intended to substitute for the lawyer's own judgment of what is proper under the South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct or other authority.

In rendering these advisory opinions, the Committee will not comment on the past behavior of the inquiring member of the Bar or on the behavior of another practitioner, and will not decide questions of substantive law. Requests must be limited to the effects of a prospective course of conduct personal to the requestor. The identities of the inquirer and other parties are not disclosed and remain confidential.
The Committee does not approve or disapprove particular advertisements or solicitations of professional employment. The Committee will, in its discretion, consider advertising or solicitation issues of general applicability.

This Committee has no disciplinary authority. Lawyer discipline in South Carolina is administered solely by the South Carolina Supreme Court through its Commission on Lawyer Conduct.